Favorite Farm Pics Saturday

It is a beautiful morning! I have so many things on my to-do list. Clean out my garage, flower beds, pruning, carrying off dead carcasses. You know, the usual. I get so tired of the dogs dragging up dead animals and lying with them, chewing on them and then wanting me to love on them. GAG!

Since we don’t have basketball games until later this evening, I have all day to check things off my list. So that I can get going, here is Favorite Farm Pics Saturday.

Momma ~ Brangus, Daddy ~ Charlais. Who do you think is more dominant? I love how they turn out! So cute!

My husband is a walking, talking, welding machine. And with all the light and colors, it makes for great photos…even when taken by my cell phone.

Although this lanky creature of cuteness is no longer with us, he was the cutest most affectionate calf. Ok. Affectionate doesn’t really describe him accurately. When cattle knock you over, following you around every where you go and suck and slobber all over your jeans they are more like…hungry. He was born, then abandoned by his momma. Without that first bit of colostrum, calves are very likely not to make it. He stayed sick for several weeks, then stopped eating. He had a good life, and we still get to see a lot of him. Excuse me while I drag off, again, what the dogs keep dragging up. Sorry people, but that’s life on the farm. Does it bother me? Not as much as it used to.

Incognito. Shhhh… we’re hog hunting. They are wreaking havoc on one of our pastures and my daughter is dying to get one.

Happy Saturday Folks!

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Farm Pics Saturday

  1. On Bended Creek on said:

    Life on the farm – love it! I have so much to learn in my old age about this new lifestyle I will be learning.

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