Hog Hunting

Recently while checking one our pastures we noticed that wild hogs were rooting in several places. They can really wreak havoc on anything planted. Connected to the pasture is a fairly large thick, wooded area where they “hide” much of the time. Because hunting them is sort of scarry and exciting we decided to set up something…

It’s hard to imagine that the feeder is just yards beyond this entrance. That’s how thick it is in there.

You can just barely make out my daughter who can’t wait to get a hog.

But first, my husband and his right hand man have to put up a tree stand to keep Miss M safe while she hunts. You never want to be on the same level as a wild hog.

Tree selection is important. It needs to be close enough to the feeder to get a good view and shot, but the tree needs to be at least nine inches around for sturdiness and preferably straight up so the tree stand will lean against it appropriately.

This tree wasn’t quite nine inches in diameter so before venturing up the ladder, Miss M waited until AFTER her Daddy tried it out. Although it sways a little at the top, there’s no chance of it falling.

And it’s got a great view of the feeder.

Last Christmas my folks bought this camera for my husband. We had every intention of setting it up at deer camp and never did. It was like Christmas all over when we pulled this out of the closet and set it up. It’s been taking shots since Friday. I can’t wait to go see what it’s captured. The great thing is it gives you dates and times so you can get a good idea of the best times to be sitting in the tree stand.

Incognito. Can you see my daughter? Look close.

Just kidding. She’s not there. But she is looking forward to sitting in that stand and getting her first hog. And unless hogs have learned to climb or unless pigs can fly, she will be perfectly safe.

Stay tuned…

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One thought on “Hog Hunting

  1. "Occam Blade" on said:

    No feral hogs here in the northeast and deer archery season is a very long way off. I’ve heard down south those very hogs are a real problem. Anyway, good luck and stay safe!

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